Erasmus Plus Scholarships for Russian in Riga

Improve your Russian with Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ is the name of the EU funding programme for international and intercultural education. Liden & Denz Riga (OID E10312536) has developed 5 courses at our new Riga centre that are eligible for Erasmus+ funding.

Who can apply for funding?

Teachers in the broadest sense, but also administrative staff of all types of educational institutions can apply for funding. In order to receive the funding, your educational institution must first apply for Erasmus+ funding to your national Erasmus+ Agency. If your institution needs help applying for these grants, please contact us. Please note that only educational institutions can apply for funding, not individuals.

If your institution has been awarded a grant, you are ready to start your plans for your Russian language training. Erasmus+ funding covers all the costs of your Russian course, including travel, course, food and accommodation.

Russian in Riga with Erasmus+.

Riga is the only major city in the EU where the majority of the population is Russian-speaking. This makes the Baltic Pearl attractive for Russian courses that can be funded through Erasmus+. Check first our detailed Erasmus+ descriptions before requesting further information below.  
  • Russian Intensive 25
  • Russian for Culture and History
  • Training for teachers
  • Lessons per week: 20
  • Course duration: 1-13 weeks
  • Levels offered: A0-B2
  • Max group size: 12
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