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TRKI Russian Exam – Overview

With the TRKI exam for Russian as a foreign language, you will receive a state-recognised Russian language certificate after successfully passing the exam. TRKI exams are available for every language level, with 6 levels of difficulty to choose from. The TRKI exam is the only state-recognised exam of Russian as a foreign language.

Liden & Denz is a licensed Russian examination centre for the TRKI exam. The written part is written online and takes between 90 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the level of difficulty. The oral exam lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, is recorded in Zoom format and then evaluated. It is possible to complete both parts in one day.

TRKI Russian exams are conducted individually and can be scheduled at short notice. If you pass the exam, you will receive your electronic certificate, issued by the Herzen St.Petersburg State Pedagogical University, within one week of passing the exam. A failed exam can be repeated as often as you wish.

Compulsory TRKI exam preparation course

As an examination centre, it is very important to us that you pass the chosen examination. Therefore, we only admit you to the Russian exam after you have completed a short individual preparation course. This course starts with a mock exam. After this, you will know all your weak points, which you can correct together with your teacher during the lessons.

The exact schedule of your preparation course can be arranged directly with your teacher. 

TRKI exam success rates with Liden & Denz
  • TEU (A1 level) 100%
  • TBU (A2 level) 100%
  • TRKI-1 (B1 level) 100%
  • TRKI-2 (B2 level) 100%
  • TRKI-3 (C1) 93%
Quick facts
  • State recognised
  • Online course and examination
  • Can be carried out individually
  • High success rate
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Feedback from TRKI graduates:
Nelson Tsai

Учителя в Liden & Denz очень опытные и профессиональные. Я был поражен, увидев, что учителя всегда приходят подготовленными и делают занятия очень веселыми и интерактивными. Благодаря этому моя компетентность в русском языке повысилась за очень короткий период времени, и я даже получил сертификат уровня С2.

Stefania Di Meglio

I’m very thankful to all the staff of the school for having guaranteed me their constant support and comprehension. Most of all, I’m grateful to my teachers, Lyuba and Zlata, who encouraged me throughout this last month every time I felt I wasn’t prepared enough to pass this exam. These last weeks have been stressful for everyone at the school, but both teachers and staff have been showing their professionalism to ensure each student’s safety and well being.

Shun Taniguchi

My experience with Russian lessons at Liden & Denz was very successful. 11 months ago I knew nothing in Russian except “здравствуйте”, now I hold my TRKI-3 certificate in my hands. I took the exam to keep track of my progress in Russian and to get independent confirmation of my current level. The exam helped me to stay motivated and keep trying.

As for the exam preparation at Liden & Denz, I don’t think I would have passed even the second level without my teacher Liza. The lessons were very structured and efficient. I am very happy with my result!

Federico Rosmarini

My motivation to take the TRKI-2 exam was to test myself and see if I could pass. The teachers at Liden & Denz helped improve every aspect of my written and spoken Russian. All this led me to achieve really good marks in the TRKI-2 exam.

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