Formalities for entering Russia

Entry to Russia

Visa to Russia

Electronic Russian visas have been announced several times, but at present your entry visa is still affixed to your valid passport. You apply for your visa through your booking office or an agency that specialises in obtaining visas.

The earliest arrival and latest departure dates are indicated on the visa and must be adhered to. These dates are based on the invitation you receive from us. In general, a Russian visa only allows one entry and one exit.

On this page of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs you will find an overview of the current visa regulations to Russia (website in Russian). If you are based in Europe or North America, you will most likely need a visa, even for a short stay.

The type of visa you need depends on the course you choose, your legal place of residence and your citizenship. We will give you professional advice on this, but – should you need a visa for your language course in Russia – use the following information as a guideline:

Legal resident in the Schengen area: study visa with simplified procedure (max 90 days)

Rest of the world: Tourist visa (max 30 days), or study visa approved by migration authorities (max 90 days).

In St. Petersburg we offer Russian language courses that last longer than 90 days. For this purpose, we apply for a study visa from the migration authorities, which we can extend for up to one year after your arrival.

After your arrival, we will register your visa with the police. If you have booked your accommodation yourself, the hotel or your landlord is responsible for your police registration. If the landlord does not want to register you, we can do it on request, but for a fee of EUR 150.

Epidemiological entry requirements Russia

These change frequently and we will be happy to advise you on the current status. Generally, a valid PCR test is sufficient for entry.

During the flight you fill in the Russian passenger locator form (plf). If you’ve flown to other countries during the pandemic you will be familiar with this form. 

During passport control on arrival you will also receive an immigration card. Please keep this card in your passport. You will need to hand this paper back to the border officer when you leave the country.

Entry to Latvia


Latvia is located in the Schengen area and therefore the usual Schengen rules apply. Please contact us if you need a visa for Latvia.

Epidemiological entry requirements Latvia

You need the European Covid Certificate to enter Latvia. Further restrictions may be imposed, sometimes at very short notice. Contact us, we have the overview.