An amazing experience!

Leila Shannon

An amazing experience!

Age - 21
Country - United Kingdom
Destination - St. Petersburg
Course - Standard Group Course
Length of stay - 9 weeks
Beginning of the stay - 12.07.2021
Accommodation - Home-stay (Host Family)

Support by Liden & Denz staff
Average score (5 of 5)

What did you like and what you did not like?

I loved the classes, which were tailored to everybody’s abilities and allowed for flexible learning. My teacher always took time to focus on any topics we were focusing on, whilst keeping the course at a good speed and challenging us. I loved staying with my host family who I had long conversations with every day- this greatly improved my Russian speaking skills. The events organised by the language school that I took part were also very enjoyable- a special mention goes to the afternoon that we spent with a Russian accordionist, where we learnt a lot about Russian culture.

Summary of your stay

I learnt more than I ever could have expected to learn in such a short period of time. As the classes were held in Russian, my listening skills have improved massively, as well as my speaking skills as I was encouraged to talk about challenging topics and to stretch my vocabulary.

The school offers not only an opportunity to improve your language skills, but also the chance to immerse yourself in Russian culture. The school facilities this by organising cultural activities and arranging placements with host families. Therefore, studying with Liden & Denz meant that my language skills and cultural knowledge increased to a great extent.