An efficient intensive course


Age - 21
Country - Germany
Destination - St. Petersburg
Course - Intensive Group Course
Length of stay - 3 weeks
Beginning of the stay - 09.09.2019
Accommodation - Home-stay (Host Family)

Support by Liden & Denz staff
Average score (4.5 of 5)

What did you like and what you did not like?

The courses were great and in groups small enough to make progress. I liked that the teacher did not or very very little speak another language than Russian with us; and also that the intensive course teacher was another than the morning one, so we had the possibility two have two (good) pedagogical approaches.
Some of the offered excursions were good and informative, others less and somewhat expensive.
My host family was vegetarian/vegan, which I really liked eventhough I'm not vegetarian myself, but I would recommend inquiring about students food preferences befor placing them, since I know that other vegetarian/vegan students stayed in non-vegetarian families and could have profited from having other family dinners.

Summary of your stay

I stayed three weeks in Petersburg with everyday classes during the week and staying with a host family. My host family was a young couple, which was also a great way to get to know the younger Russian generation and their ideas.