My time at Liden & Denz

Olivia Wright

My time at Liden & Denz

Age - 21
Country - United Kingdom
Destination - Moscow
Course - Standard Group Course
Length of stay - 10 weeks
Beginning of the stay - 12.10.2020
Accommodation - No Accommodation

Support by Liden & Denz staff
Average score (5 of 5)

What did you like and what you did not like?

I enjoyed the thoroughness of the teaching and the fact that I always came away from my lessons feeling like I learned a lot of new things. There were plenty of opportunities to practise speaking Russian built into the lessons, as well as going through new grammar points etc. The lessons were also really interactive, with every person being asked questions and thus forced to engage even when feeling lazy!

Summary of your stay

I had a very pleasant stay at Liden & Denz. Everybody who I met in the school was really friendly and enthusiastic, and I felt very welcomed. Another thing I was grateful for was that the staff were so quick at sorting out my visa, so that I could come to Moscow to study and get to know Russia better instead of just being at home.