Wonderful experience

Lenard Sprang

Wonderful experience

Age - 20
Country - Germany
Destination - St. Petersburg
Course - Standard Group Course
Length of stay - 2 weeks
Beginning of the stay - 12.08.2019
Accommodation - Home-stay (Host Family)

Support by Liden & Denz staff
Average score (4.6 of 5)

What did you like and what you did not like?

The school building is bright and welcoming, and the teachers are friendly and helpful. The members of the class had about the same language level, so this was good as well. Initially, the classroom was too small for the group, but we changed it later. The classrooms are clean and bright, and equipped with modern technology. Cantinas and restaurants are close to the school.

Summary of your stay

It had a very nice stay in Russia, which is a beautiful courntry with warm and friendly people. I always wanted to travel there. My level of Russian has improved and I collected a lot of wonderful memories from my journey. I have seen significant historically and culturally important places in Saint Petersburg, also with the excursion programmes the school is offering. My host family is very friendly and the apartment is clean. We received good meals and were given snacks for during the day. The host family is flexible concerning the hours leaving and coming back to the apartment. I felt save walking through our neighbourhood, also at night. I am very satisfied with my stay.