С наступающим!

С наступающим!
04 September 2015

This Saturday 5th of September, Moscow will be celebrating the 868th  anniversary of its foundation.

The city has received a total makeover during these last few days: flowers planted, walls scrubbed, roads cleaned… Displays have been installed everywhere claiming that Москва-лучший город земли (Mocow, the best city in the world) and wishing the beloved city a happy birthday. During this festive weekend, many events will take place in all parts of the capital. These are a few attractions I would recommend you to attend.

Walk along the boulevards

All along the бульварное колцо (the ring of boulevards) will be organised various attractions. On чистопрудный бульвар (chistoprudniy boulverad), young musicians will give concerts. There will also be from a demonstration of martial arts of the neighbouring club Kodokan. From 4pm, martial art masters of karate, judo, aikido and other will perform. On гоголевский бульвар (gogolievskiy boulevard), the atmosphere will be more literary. Poets and writers will read famous Russian works on the theme of Moscow, books will be sold… As on every festive occasion, the atmosphere on the boulevards is very joyful and relaxed.

Moscow museums

All city museums will be free of entry during the weekend so it is a good opportunity to visit them. You could for example visit the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for example. This is one of my favourite museums in Moscow as it always has very unique exhibitions which promote young talented artists.

Concert on the Lubyanka Square

This enormous concert will start at 15:30 and will feature Russian as well as foreign artists. The most awaited guest are John Newman and world renowned band Aerosmith. The concert will be free so you should expect a lot of people. As for all these large gatherings that take place in Moscow, access is often limited (roads closed, metro stations closed…), I would recommend you get there a bit earlier to be sure to be able to enjoy this night of musical madness!! For the full schedule of the concert you should visit http://kudago.com/msk/event/koncert-v-chest-dnya-goroda-na-lubyanskoj-ploshadi/

Fireworks or Salute

As for every important occasion, firework displays will take place around the city from 22:30. They will take place for example on the Red Square, in 18 parks of the city including Lujinki, Muzeon… This really is an event that you should not miss. Fireworks in Moscow never dissappoint. Lets just hope that the weather won’t ruin it all…

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