До скорого, Москва!

До скорого, Москва!
20 December 2019

While writing this post I truly get aware that I will be leaving soon. After 10 weeks here at Liden & Denz in Moscow it is time to go back to Austria. It seems like it was just yesterday when I packed my suitcase to go here. At first, I was of course scared to come to Moscow all on my own, but it has been an absolutely amazing experience.

I’ve met so many different people from all over the world and we had the chance to make many great memories together. I am grateful that I got the possibility to work as an intern for the school while studying Russian as well.

The Russian lessons in the morning were great. Anastasia, my teacher helped us to understand many aspects of the Russian language and culture. She is very passionate about teaching and she always made sure that we spoke a lot and she tried to make the lessons interactive by having different dialogues or playing games. I cannot thank her enough to help me improve my Russian during my stay here. I feel much more comfortable speaking the language and I also befriended myself with the grammar.

Regarding my work I was busy with writing articles for the blog, translating from English to German and interviewing students for the Instagram page. Thanks to writing the articles I received many new impressions on Moscow as well as Russia in general. I had the chance to write about interesting topics and sometimes I got lost in all the research and I couldn’t stop learning more about it. While interviewing students at the Moscow school I got insights about why people from all over the world decided to study Russian and what led them to come to Moscow. I was impressed by all the different answers and their life paths. A big thank you to Anastasia, my internship supervisor, who was always quick to help me out. She gave me freedom when deciding what to write about but also suggested some great topics.

It has been incredible for me to experience Moscow during the winter time. I was stunned by all the amazing decorations and probably one of my favourite memories is when we went ice skating on the Red Square and it started to snow. I couldn’t have thought of any better surroundings and this definitely has been one of my favourite memories here in Moscow.

Learning Russian in Russia is an amazing opportunity that I can only recommend to everyone. You will be confronted with the language everyday so you will quickly improve. I loved the atmosphere at the Liden & Denz school, all the teachers and students were very kind and helpful and I made great friends there.

Next year I will finish my Bachelor studies in Economics and try to improve my Russian as good as I can. After that I hope to come back to the school soon!

Пока-пока Москва, до скорого!

Posted by Marleen Streussnig

Привет! My name is Marleen, a student from Austria and I am currently interning at Liden & Denz in Moscow.

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