Afisha Picnic Festival in Moscow, with Jamiroquai, Suede and MGMT!

Afisha Picnic Festival in Moscow, with Jamiroquai, Suede and MGMT!
15 July 2014

Moscovites! If you don’t have a plan yet for this coming saturday and yet you want to make it a day that you will remember, look no further.

The Afisha Picnic Festival could be truly a highlight of your summer in Moscow. Started in 2004, this event has gained massive attendance throughout the years, to the point that many people refer to it as the “little city within the big city”. The last edition in 2013 has welcomed a public of 50 thousand people, and the current one promises to do even better, if one considers the impressive lineup of artists that will step on the stage.

In a breathtaking succession, this saturday night the festival goers will get a treat, amongst others, of MGMT, Suede and Jamiroquai.

If MGMT doesn’t immediately ring a bell, just google their hits ‘Time to Pretend’ or ‘Kids’, which have occupied radio stations and music charts  for a long while around the world, you’ll probably recognise the tunes. The American duo of Goldwasser and VanWyngarden is one of the most praised indie bands of the recent years, and their psychedelic rock/synthpop/indietronica unique sound promises energy and emotions.

Suede are true rock legends from the 90s, who fathered the creation of the Britpop musical genre, by mixing the angst of British post-punk with the elegant decadence of glam rock.

And well, Jamiroquai…Hold yourself for some (not) ‘Virtual Insanity’, because the kings of acid jazz and British funk will make you dance your feet off, like it’s 1999!

The festival is organised by the bi-weekly magazine Afisha and will take place inot the Kolomkoe area, once a royal estate and now a natural reserve and architectural museum. For tickets and more information, check the following link:

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