Art Prospect, or how to turn a street into a work of art

10 September 2013

Art Prospect (Арт Проспект) is an international public art festival that will take place from Thursday (September 12) to Sunday (September 15) in St. Petersburg.

For four days, Liteyny Prospekt (Литейный Проспект) will become a free space where a lot of artists from Russia, Holland and the USA will show their works, united by a single theme: the artist as a gardener in the city territory. They will project their images on the buildings of the street and turn it into an interactive location. Common citizens will also be able to show their own pieces of art. The promoters of the event want also to attract the people’s attention on means of ecological evolution of the city.

Liteyny Prospekt is not far from the bank of the river Fontanka, just 10 minutes away from Liden & Denz. New Holland Island (Новая Голландия) is a partner of Art Prospekt, and today (September 10) at 19 it will host the  presentation of the festival. Make sure not to miss this lively temporary event.

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