Baltika Brewery Excursion

14 October 2013

Last week, a group of students made the long trek all the way to the end of St. Petersburg’s Blue metro line. The trip was well worth it though, because waiting for them at the end, was a tour of the Baltika (Балтика) brewery. Baltika was founded just one year before the collapse of the USSR and quickly became the leader in the Russian beer industry. Today, it is one of Eastern Europe’s largest beer producers, kicking out 52 million barrels every month!

The group was taken through the very large brewing complex and shown the step by step process of fermenting, brewing, packing and shipping its world famous beer. Along the way, the group was told about the fascinating history of Russian brewing and modern day industry. Finally, at the end of the tour, the group was allowed to try a plethora of numerous different beers. From light lagers, to dark porters and stouts. It was the kind of field trip every student dreams about!

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