19 November 2013

Looking for a club with the right mix of dancing, electronic music, located in the historic center of St. Petersburg and named after the 44th president of the United States? Look no further, because Barakobamabar is the place for you! Located at Konushennaya sq. 2 (second yard) (Конюшенная пл), the club is tucked away in a courtyard, giving it a giddy, but trendy atmosphere.  Surprisingly (or maybe not), the bar has almost nothing to do with the current American president, besides the presence of a Obama bubblehead above the bar watching over the dance floor.

The club is laid out in mainly three different sections. One with lots of couches and tables, great for groups. Another with a bar, dance floor and DJ. And the third one in a more secluded area meant more for just chilling out and drinking tea. The club regularly invites DJs from Moscow, Europe and even the US mixing mostly house, tech-house, deep-house and disco music. Along with the wall projections of eclectic clips from cartoons and movies, the atmosphere is all you would expect from a euro dance club.

One of the best and worst things about the club is the selection at the bar. They offer numerous cocktails, many of which are typical American ones such as Manhattans and other whiskey cocktails. Unfortunately however, all the drinks are quite expensive, between 200 and 450 Rubles. Also, there is almost no beer selection, besides Budweiser. Despite the cost, there is no entrance fee or fee for coat check.

Overall, Barakobamabar is a great place to go with a group of friends, have some drinks and dance the night away.

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