14 Lessons Learned After One Month in Russia

14 Lessons Learned After One Month in Russia
17 October 2016

To celebrate my one-month anniversary in Moscow, I decided to start a blog series of the lessons learned in Russia. I have been to Moscow before, yes, but under the close watch of a professor in a large group. Traveling alone is an entirely different experience. Especially if you do not know the language! A month ago yesterday, I arrived in Moscow armed with the ability to read Cyrillic, say “I do not eat meat” and a whole lot of hope.

While traveling in the past I attempted to keep an elaborate, detailed journal. That usually lasts a week and a half. In hopes of keeping up with it this time, I have simply documented daily “lessons”.  I have been moderately successful.  Here is what I have so far:

Day 1: Never walk out of a door if you aren’t sure of the way back in.

Day 2: Connect with the people around you.

Day 3: Everyone appreciates laughing at hand gestures.

Day 8: Loosing count is a good sign.

Day 9: Invite yourself along on the adventure!

Day 10: Every stranger / strange person is a learning experience.

Day 11: Think critically.

Day 14: One great friend is worth millions.

Day 15: Persevere.

Day 16: A sense of accomplishment opens the doors to happiness.

Day 20: People will find you interesting just by being yourself. Even with a language barrier.

Day 21: The world is so full of kind people. (Be grateful!)

Day 28: Speak your mind.

Day 31: Be sure to note your small successes (ie, ordering coffee and repaying your phone) as progress! Or: You don’t have to understand everything to understand.


Starting from the beginning is scary, but no two days hold the same lesson! I am excited to see what the next month has in store 🙂


Sam Cramer is currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Moscow

Posted by Sam Cramer

Sam Cramer is currently studying Russian language at Liden & Denz Moscow. At university, Sam studied anthropology with a concentration in Central and Eastern European studies. She has been to Moscow once before, in 2012, and is very excited to be back! Sam is an avid tea drinker, dog lover and is known for having the loudest laugh in the room.

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