“EAQUALS admits first Russian school” – Language Travel Magazine

31 October 2007

“Liden and Denz language school in St Petersburg, Russia, has become the first language school in the country to be accepted to join the European Association for Quality Language Services (Eaquals).” “The school, which is already a member of the International Association of Language Centres (Ialc), plans to get its Moscow-based school inspected by Eaquals next year. Walter Denz at the school said that international inspection schemes such as Ialc and Eaquals are particularly important for schools in Russia. “In Russia we don’t have a national inspection scheme like, for instance, the British Council for the UK. It adds credibility to our quality claims and we need to convince agents that they can trust us. Any serious inspection has always a consultancy element in it. It is a very good idea that will help us to improve our services further.” EAQUALS admits first Russian school – Language Travel Magazine

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