Best free activities in SPB

Best free activities in SPB
19 September 2017

Saint Petersburg isn’t always a cheap destination, but there are some places that you can visit for free –so take note! Normally entertainment comes with a price tag so make use of the many parks, art galleries and stunning cathedrals.

Make use of free admission

Some museums have free entrance days. The Hermitage has one on the first Thursday of every month and at the Kunstkamera it is the third Thursday of every month. The Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams is free all year round and you’ll find that many of the orthodox cathedrals are too! If you are a student and you have an international student card there are many museum entries for free.

Relax in parks and gardens

If you like nature, don’t miss Saint Petersburg’s beautiful parks and be sure to visit some of the stunning gardens the city has to offer; one of the most famous being the ‘Summer Garden’. If you want to relax a little, I’d recommend either the ‘Tavrichesky Garden’ or the ‘Mihailovsky Garden’ – but for art and culture the newly rebuilt and reopened ‘New Holland Island’ in the city centre is certainly worth a visit.

Get to know modern Russian art

In Saint Petersburg, there are a variety of new progressive art galleries, many of which don’t charge any admission at all – Anna Nova, Kgallery and the ‘Name Gallery’ to name but a few. A visit to any of the above will definitely provide your daily dose of paintings, sculptures and modern art installations.

Go on a free tour

Every day at the Alexander Column on Palace Square you can find the Saint Petersburg Free walking tour, which starts at 10:45am and lasts for 180 minutes. The walk takes you past all the major sights. But don’t forget that everybody loves free stuff! So be sure to book in advance, as they are very popular.

Why not try a ‘Time Café’?

Even though they’re not completely free, they’re certainly worth a visit. The ‘time café’ or ‘anti café’ started in Moscow and became very popular in Saint Petersburg. Some of the best known around town are ‘Ziferblat’, ‘Miracle’ and ‘Freedom’. The concept of a ‘time café’ is that you simply pay for the time you spend there, all drinks and snacks are included!


I’d also recommend visiting the ‘Udelka’ flea market, especially if you want to get some souvenirs for your friends. If your Russian is advanced, you can even have a go at bartering – good luck finding that bargain!

Saint Petersburg is a city where anyone can find something exciting, even on a small budget. You just have to have keep your eyes and ears open.


What would you like to visit in the city?

Where is your favourite park in Saint Petersburg?

Posted by Philipp Ludat

Hello! I'm Philipp from Austria, I'll be interning at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg until the middle of November. I hope you'll enjoy my blog posts and find useful informations about this stunning city!

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