From Broadway with love: Charlie Chaplin in St. Petersburg

19 September 2013

Although Charlie Chaplin is American, he has always been really famous in Russia. For instance, clowns in circuses after the Soviet revolution were often dressed in Chaplin-ish costumes. What’s great is that he has come once again to Russia, in the shape of a Broadway musical.

The musical “Chaplin” (Чаплин) has already been a smash hit in the United States and other European cities where it has toured. Now it is ready to achieve success also in St. Petersburg, since it is playing at the State Theatre of Musical Comedy (Театр Музыкальной Комедии). “Chaplin” has been reinterpreted by Russian actors, but Broadway professionals still work behind the scenes.

The musical tells the story of Charlie Chaplin’s rise to fame, from an infancy of poverty till the moment he became a great Hollywood star. This 24-person musical puts a new light on the man behind the legend, and gives a new perspective of this undeniable genius. The critically acclaimed music and lyrics of the musical have been composed by artists that have worked with the likes of John Travolta and Hugh Jackman.

Be sure not to miss “Chaplin”. You will have the chance to see it until November. The theatre is on Inzhenernaya Ulitsa (Инжерная Улица), just two steps away from Liden & Denz.

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