Goodbye is not forever. Farewell is not the end.

Goodbye is not forever. Farewell is not the end.
15 November 2019

Так быстро время летит. Unfortunately three months have already passed and my time at Liden & Denz is coming to an end and this time for good. It is crazy to think that I in total have spent one entire year at the school. Four times, three months each time. I am terrible at goodbyes so one part of me has no clue of how to write this post, my last post as an intern. That part just wants to say “Thank you and goodbye” and make a discrete exit, while other parts of me are going through an emotional breakdown. I will try my best.

At my first arrival in February 2018 I was a modest A1+ and I have then worked my way up and completed the B2 level. Taking the decision to go to Moscow to learn Russian turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. If talking strictly in educational terms, studying a language in the country its spoken is maybe the most effective thing you can do. You will have native speakers as your teachers, you will have the language constantly around you and you will learn about the culture in the process which is an important part when learning a language since a country’s mentality and worldview are reflected in its language. Liden & Denz is a great school and I have enjoyed my stay here tremendously. Being a student for so long, I have tried almost all of the teachers and they have all kept a very high standard. All of them with their own unique touch to it. The material used in class is very good, they are pedagogical structured and deal with relevant topics. I have saved all of my books. The best part though is the overall atmosphere in the school. It is a positive one and both students and staff are always friendly, engaged and helpful. Ending my stay here by doing this internship has been great. I have managed to dig deeper into the country that I love so much and also been able to share it with others, hopefully I have inspired people to come here.

Despite how much I enjoy Liden & Denz as a school, the reason why coming to Russia has been one of the best (if not the best) decision of my life is because of the people I have meet, all the things I have done and seen and the creation of memories I will cherish and carry with me for the rest of my life. I have meet friends for life here and I am forever grateful for that. I will not go deeper into that because it would only drive me to tears. An unexplainable desire took me to Russia and after I have experienced her first row I can only say that whoever planted that feeling in my chest was right. Russia is where I want to be and no one who has met me here can argue against that. Going back to Sweden in just a couple of days I will enjoy time with my loved ones and celebrate Christmas and New Year but after that it will be full focus on getting back to город моей мечты.

There is no possible way I can express everything that is going on in my head and heart so I will just finish off this article by saying Спасибо большОЕ to Liden &Denz for this amazing experience!

Posted by Vera Ahtonen

I am a 26 year old Environmental Scientist from Sweden, who is deeply in love with Russia. My dream is to be able to live and work in Russia in the future. I believe that this internship, along with my Russian studies, at Liden & Denz will be a great first step on my journey. My interest in Russia is not limited to a certain area, instead I find everything about this country interesting and this will be noticed in the wide range of topics for my articles.

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