3 Hidden markets in Saint Petersburg

3 Hidden markets in Saint Petersburg
28 September 2016

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Do you prefer old-fashioned hidden markets rather than traditional supermarkets or shops? I discovered three nice hidden markets in Saint Petersburg, where you can find a lot of bargains!

Troicky Market for clothing

I stumbled upon this when I was visiting the Trinity Cathedral. At a wall, there was a small shield which said “Прохо́д и Троицкий Рынок”. I thought it was just the transit to the Trinity Cathedral, so I went through. Suddenly I was at an outdoor clothing market right before the cathedral! “Троицкий Рынок” (Troicky Market) is the name of the market. There is a huge offer of clothing, shoes, bags, belts, hats and a lot of other textile accessories! You can also find good imitations there, especially shoes. I very liked this market, the salesmen are also ready to cheapen the price of their products!

Kuznechny Market for food

This market is regarded as one of the finest food markets in Saint Petersburg. You can reach it easily through Metro, it is placed near the station Vladimirskaya. The vendors promote their food and products in a very intensive way, but I think that’s the main characteristic of an old-fashioned market. You will be definitely unable to cope with the enormous offer of food there!

Folk Art Bazar for souvenirs

This market is specialized for the famous Russian Matryoshka Dolls and Russian souvenirs.  It is situated at the “Площадь Морской Славы“(Ploschad Morockoi Slawi). You have a very huge variety of typical Russian souvenirs, therefore it is definitely recommendable when you have to get small presents for your family and friends!

No matter what kind of market you are searching for, Saint Petersburg offers definitely a lot of possibilities to get your groceries, souvenirs or clothing at old-fashioned markets.


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