Interesting events during autumn and early winter in Moscow

Interesting events during autumn and early winter in Moscow
24 October 2019

Moscow is truly an amazing city with so many interesting things to see and experience; from classical museums and historical monuments to festivals and stunning green areas. In this article I have summed up a little list, of present and upcoming events and activities in the Russian capital for the last months of the year. Maybe you will find something to add to your to-do-list, I sure have when creating this list!

• Night of the Arts (3 November)
On November 3 an event called Nights of the Arts will be held in Moscow. For the seventh time museums, theatres, exhibitions, concert halls, libraries and other places around the capital will offer thematic events, live concerts, meetings with authors and musicians and other events. If you are a fan of art, both contemporary and classic, you should not miss out on this one. Entrance is free to the majority of the events and the festival will operate between 18-02. On their website you will find a full list of all the events The site is in Russian but if your Russian skills are still lacking you can easily use a translating tool to help you out.

• Unity Day (4 November)
National Unity Day is an annual holiday celebrated on November 4. It is celebrated in memory of Russia’s defeat of Polish invaders 1612. Two men named Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky led a volunteer army of Russians from all classes and they liberated Moscow from the invaders. This is not the most famous Russian holiday but nevertheless a holiday, and I think it serves as a great day to visit some of Moscow’s museums and learn more about the cities fascinating history.

• Free museum week (Every third week each month)
In April this year the Moscow City Department of Culture launched the project “Free museums week” together with MOSGORTUR. This means that every third week each month you can visit several museums for free. Each day some museums have free admission, meaning that all of them will not have it for every day of the week (so plan your visit), and you do not need to register in advance. Around 40 museums are participating in this project so this is a great opportunity to explore Moscow while saving money in the process. Follow this link for a schedule of which museums are on free which days

• The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 (Now until 1 December)
This exhibition takes a look into our future, which is kind of already happening, when the environmental agenda will rise to be one of the most important (if not the most important) political question worldwide and how it will affect our society. You will see work by over 50 Russian and international artists. Being an environmental scientist I feel that I definitely must pay this a visit! The entrance fee is 500 rubles. You will find more information on this website:

Soar over Moscow and Russia (Always available)
In park Zaryadye, located just next to the Red Square, you have to possibility to soar over both Moscow and Russia. What does that mean? It means that you will be strapped to a seat (kind of like in amusement parks) with a screen in front of you showing either Moscow or Russia from a bird perspective. With amazing 5D effects with wind, moving chairs, water when flying through clouds this will make you feel as if you are actually flying. If taking the Moscow flight you will be shown all the famous places in the capital while during the Russia flight you will see landmarks and interesting places from all over the country. Prices are 690 on weekdays and 850 for weekends. Check out the park’s official website for more information

I hope you found any, or all, of these activities interesting. Is there any of them that you really can’t wait to participate in, or maybe have you already experienced any of them before? Share your thoughts with the rest of us in a comment below!

Posted by Vera Ahtonen

I am a 26 year old Environmental Scientist from Sweden, who is deeply in love with Russia. My dream is to be able to live and work in Russia in the future. I believe that this internship, along with my Russian studies, at Liden & Denz will be a great first step on my journey. My interest in Russia is not limited to a certain area, instead I find everything about this country interesting and this will be noticed in the wide range of topics for my articles.

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