A Visit To The Killfish Discount Bar

04 February 2014

A Visit To The Killfish Discount Bar

During my first trip to St Petersburg, I spent many a night in Killfish Discount Bar, eating sushi and drinking cheap alcohol. It was fantastic and I’m pleased to report it’s still an awesome bar, two years later!

There are many locations in the city (28 to be precise!), though the one I frequent can be found on Sadovaya Ulitsa, very near to the Metro stop. I’ve recently discovered there’s one near where I live in Primorskaya, so no doubt that bar will be receiving countless roubles from me from now on!

Impossible to miss thanks to the huge yellow and black signs screaming Killfish, these bars are definitely worth a visit for the atmosphere alone. The tables may be slightly close together but you don’t ever feel claustrophobic and as it’s a regular watering hole for locals and tourists alike, you’re bound to meet some interesting characters!

The menu is entirely in Russian, so you’ll learn all the cocktail names fairly quickly, and is a ridiculously extensive list of the drinks on offer: if you can imagine it, Killfish have probably already made it for you. From Kir Royal (my favourite) to just straight up vodka, Killfish have it all and at very good prices indeed.

This brings me on to perhaps the main reason it’s my favourite bar: it’s called Killfish Discount Bar! If you have a Russian phone number you can get a Killfish card, which is the single best invention on the bar scene today. With this card you get huge discounts on the booze prices, which were reasonable to begin with! You simply ask at the bar for a Killfish card, sign a form, and voila! Discounts ahoy. Bear in mind however that this card works as a top up card, and needs a minimum of 100 roubles on it to work.

If the cheap alcohol, lively atmosphere and free Wi-Fi aren’t enough to entice you, let it be known that Killfish is fairly classy and delicious sushi, all neatly presented on a plate.

Opening each day at 12pm until 3am, one of the Killfish bars will quickly become your favourite.

Try Moxobaya Ultisa 31 or Sadovaya 45 next time you’re near Nevsky Prospect.


Jade Mitchell-Ross is an English student, currently on an internship while studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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