Liden & Denz winning Industry Award

19 September 2008

The Liden & Denz Languages Centres St. Petersburg and Moscow have won the prestigious LTM Star Award for International Education for best language school in the “other languages” category, which included schools for Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Portuguese around the world.

The International Association of Language Centres IALC of which Liden & Denz is a longtime member, received again the award in the category “School Association”. Three other IALC schools picked up awards:

  • Best German Language School: GLS Sprachenzentrum, Berlin
  • Best French Language School: French in Normandy, Rouen
  • Best Italian Language School: Babilonia, Taormina

The LTM Star trophies are true industry awards, where educational agents vote for educational providers and vice versa. This is what makes them so valuable. You will find a full breakdown of the LTM Star Awards here.

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