Meet our student, Paolo

Meet our student, Paolo
15 August 2016

Paolo Gomiero, 23,  has been studying at Liden and Denz Moscow for 3 weeks. I had the chance to interview him about his experiences here.

What is your current occupation?

I’m a student studying  foreign Languages at Literatures at Universita’ degli Studi di Bergamo in  Italy.

Why did you decide to study Russian in Moscow?

I wanted to study a language which I thought would be useful for future jobs. I also wanted a challenging languages, but thought  Chinese or Japanese would be too difficult, so I decided on Russian instead.

A lot of people consider learning Russian as a challenge. Regarding your personal experience can you agree with this statement? What do you find easy or difficult about Russian language?

Yes, I was right about choosing a difficult language. However, you can get great satisfaction with Russian. Many people feel the hardest part is the alphabet, but they’ve obviously not seen the grammar, particularly the verbs of motion. Remembering all the vocabulary is a challenge too!

What do you like from your stay with Liden & Denz? Could you share with us some interesting moments, experiences or events?

The teachers have been great – I really enjoy the way the lessons are taught. In just three weeks I feel I’ve seen a good improvement in my Russian skills. Among the students I’ve met many great people here who I hope to keep in touch with after I go home.

Can you compare your stay in Russia with some other experiences or travels of yours?

This is the first time I’ve ever studied outside of Italy, so the experience has been completely different to any other that I’ve had in another country.

Which experiences or impressions made in Russia you will never forget? Why?

I was surprised at how friendly Russians are. The stereotype in Europe is that Russians are very serious and never smile. However, when you arrive, you realise that the people in Russia are very polite and always helpful. Russians are always happy to give you directions if you’re lost, although I don’t always understand the answer to my question.

 Going back home, what will you miss about Russia?

Of course I will miss the friends I’ve made here, and the unique atmosphere that exists in Moscow.

Lawrence Toye, currently studying at Liden & Denz Moscow

Posted by Lawrence Toye

Привет Everyone! My name is Lawrence, I’m 21, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, and I’m pleased to say I’m the new social media intern at Liden&Denz Moscow for the next 5 weeks. This is only my first day in Moscow, so I still have so much to see and take in! I love learning languages and spent last year living in the Middle East and studying Arabic. When I started studying at politics and economics at university last September, I couldn’t resist doing a language course alongside. Even though I could’ve probably picked an easier language, I felt Russian would be the most rewarding. I was right! Despite the frequently confusing grammar, in particular the cases, I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I’ve finished university for the summer, I decided to come here to to Liden&Denz to improve my Russian, and learn more about Russian culture. This is only my first full day in Russia, and I’m really excited to write about my thoughts, insights, and experiences of Moscow and learning Russian.

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