Met at Liden & Denz: Bruno Zoller

17 May 2013

Bruno Zoller is a Swiss choir singer. Here is his story: How did you come up with the idea to learn Russian and why in Russia? I sing in a Swiss choir which sings Russian orthodox songs and I would like to understand more of what I am singing. A lot of people consider learning Russian a challenge. Regarding your personal experience, would you agree? Yes, I can. It is a bit like everywhere: the more you know, the more you know that you know nothing. But – as 143 million Russians come along with this language, why shouldn’t I? Could you share with us some interesting moments, experience or events during your stay here? I followed a worship in the Church of Transformation at Preobrazenskaya Ploshchad and asked then a member of the choir where I could find music notes for our choir. And this man is Vladimir Miller, he has a fantastical voice!   How will your language stay influence your future life? I thought already in my youth, that I would like to be able to learn things even in the age of eighty. So what? I am still younger than that. Going back home, what will you miss about Russia? Санкт Петербург, of course! It is the most beautiful town I know.

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