Mitte Café

15 November 2013

After walking through the streets of St. Petersburg with a decent knowledge of the city’s history, it’s easy to notice the presence German influences all around town. Aside from the many names and words of German origin, there are also many cafés which draw inspiration from Germany. One such example is the rather new and quaint café located at Ulitsa Rubinshteyn 27 (улица Рубинштейна) called Mitte Café.

Opened just a year ago, this little café was named after the trendy Berlin district, from which it takes its simplistic style. Sitting at one of the few tables, booths or bar, you have a choice between a few different breakfast or lunch specials, vegetarian soups or Russian pastries. All the while, you can lean back with one of the pillows in the booths and listen to some Mumford and Sons.

The employees are open and friendly and some can speak English. And at only 200 Rubles for a hefty sized sandwich, this place is worth a visit if you are looking for a chill place to hangout.

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