Night Buses in St. Petersburg

Night Buses in St. Petersburg
27 March 2015

In Saint Petersburg the navigation season will start soon, but the touristic one has already begun. The bridges will start to raise at night and during the day it will be possible to take cruses and boat trips on the river and canals. Besides going around the city will be more comfortable because they will soon introduce night buses in St. Petersburg.

According to the city plan the bridges will raise at night from the beginning of May but since mid-April urban night buses will start to run from April 12. They didn’t chose this particular day by chance but because on the same date the Orthodox Easter will be celebrated. That means that thousand of Russian during that night will move to go to churches and they will be back home by bus and metro. Then after April 12 night buses will run every weekend and on celebration days. The night bus tickets will cost as the regular one, 28 rubles.

From April 12 on night buses will work all the weekends from Friday to Sunday and during public holidays according to the draw bridges schedules from 00:00 to 06:00. During public holidays the metro is also working, in particular from 1 to 2 May, from 9 to 10 May in the Ночь музеев (The night of Museums), в День города (Den goroda), «Алые паруса» (Alye parusa) the celebration of the end of the school.

Here there’s the night bus map

In addition from April 30 to November 15 there will be organized night train shuttles between the stations Адмиралтейская (Admiratelskaya) and Спортивная (Spotivnaya) from Friday to Sunday from 01:00 to 03:00.

Learn more about bridges and drawbridges timetable here

Written by: Jessica Carrettiero

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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