Russian Dictionary +

11 December 2013

One common problem that arises with offline dictionary applications is that often times, the number of word and phrase entries are limited and sometimes, even seemingly basic words, are not available. Well, this week’s app might be able to solve some of those problems. The app is called Russian Dictionary + by iThinkdiff and once again, works completely offline.

What makes this app different though is its vast quantity of word and phrase entries. This means that if you encounter a word or phrase you don’t know or want to translate, you will probably be able to find it in this app. However, there is a catch. The best part about this app is also its greatest downside.

The dictionary has so many different words and phrases that at times, it can be quite difficult to find the exact one you are looking for. Even the app’s search tool can’t help you sometimes. This means that you need to get a bit used to what sort of things to type into the search bar in order to find the exact entry you are looking for.

The app also has more features besides the simple dictionary. There is also a translator tool, a “word of the day”, games and much more to help you learn Russian.

I would recommend this app to anyone who has been having trouble with unusual words they have been encountering. Unfortunately, there is no one app that can do it all. Therefore, I would have this app as part of a whole constellation of other apps so that you are always prepared.

Advantages: Vast quantity of entries, many obscure and unusual words and phrases, works offline

Disadvantages: Too many entries, difficult to find exact entry, does not distinguish words in appropriate topics

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