So Long, Farewell!

So Long, Farewell!
12 December 2016

So the time has come to say take my last selfies on Red Square, buy my last few matryoshkas and say my goodbyes, or my до свидание’s! Time has passed so quickly, bringing to mind Turgenev’s words from Fathers and Sons: “for nowhere in the world does [time] fly as in Russia.” The three months have vanished before my eyes and now it is time to return to the UK and face the gruelling process of finding a job (boohoo!) but not, of course, before I celebrate Christmas and New Year (yay!).

I may leave this week with a heavy heart – and even heavier luggage – but I also leave full of memories of another unforgettable trip to the Motherland. Russia is a country I love to explore; it is a fascinating place full of wonderful and diverse people. This time I stayed in the capital to experience life as a Muscovite, rush-hour commutes and all. I have spent more time than ever before with many of my best Russian friends and even got to live with one, plus I have made new friends in my language classes and have got to know a bit more about what makes Russians and Moscow tick.

20160919_152933I have also had the opportunity to contribute to this blog, encouraging me to explore my (questionable) talents as a writer. My articles have focussed on a wide range of themes, so I hope you got to find one or two that you enjoyed reading. I feel obliged to quickly make a formal apology for all of my puns and terrible dad-jokes; if you met my own father you would understand that humour, be it good or bad, is in my blood and I can’t help it! Hopefully even the cheesiest of jokes (see article on animal vocab here) put a smile on your face even if you desperately tried to resist it. Oh, and if you are one of the rare readers that thinks they might miss me, don’t fret as there are a few articles floating in the ether yet to be published…

So anyway it’s turrah from me. Any of you lucky enough to be coming to Russia soon, send my love and make sure you check out the blog for top places to see and tips on life in this incredible country. Remember to always frolic in the snow and hold doors in the Metro, even if others don’t hold them for you! A very Merry Christmas to you all and с Новым годом. Over and out!

Ellie, previously studying Russian at Liden & Denz Moscow

Posted by Ellie

Hi there! I am a Modern Languages graduate from the UK, spending some time in Moscow to get some work experience, practice my Russian and enjoy the city! I hope you enjoy the blog.

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