Touroperating: St.Petersburg

01 April 2012

The internship in a tour operating company in St.Petersburg is  a possibility  to  examine  what  is  going  on  in  the  travel industry from  a  totally  different perspective and to get an impression of a country, which has much tourist potential and is  likely  to have much more  in  future. Main duties:

  1. Work with clients,  search for new clients,
  2. Book hotels and transport,
  3. Create excursion programs,
  4. Work with invoices, credit cards etc.


  • General requirements: Higher or incomplete higher education in the sphere of hospitality /tourism; highly motivated people. Knowledge of business communication and correspondence.
  • Russian language level and usage:  В1+, active communication with Russian colleagues and clients.
  • Working hours: full time, 8 hours / day + 1h lunch break
  • Minimum age: 20
  • Possible duration: 1-3 months

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