Watching Children’s TV is a Language Learning Tool

Watching Children’s TV is a Language Learning Tool
20 January 2015

Hello everyone! Waht is your main language learning tool ?!
Today we will be looking at a good way to learn Russian that can be enjoyable and teach you about Russian culture at the same time. A great way to practice your Russian is through watching television programs intended for Russian children.

Children Shows is exactly what you need!

Why a children’s show? Well, when you think about it, children are still in the process of learning their native language, and one of the ways in which the modern child learns is through television. Children’s television programs are created for audiences with a lower vocabulary and a rudimentary understanding of the language. Much of the learning is done visually, and new vocabulary is usually introduced with some form of visual display. This allows for learners to begin learning a language without translating in their head, rather, by simply listening and forming connections using a visual platform. When learning a new language it is best to not just translate, but instead to learn how to think in the foreign language.

Children’s shows come in may different levels and styles, so you will have to choose which shows will be most beneficial to you and your level of knowledge. Eventually children’s shows will be too easy, and you can move on to watching Russian films. Below is a list of links to websites that will allow you to watch children’s television for free online. I have watched these and have found them to be beneficial, and also a fun cultural experience. There are many more sources out there, you’ll just have to dig for them! 🙂

Here are some useful links:

Watch live Russian children’s TV:

Cat and Fox Russian Tale: 

Tom Thumb:

A series about a curious and destructive little girl and her friendship with a bear:

Youtube channel for children’s TV:

Story for children with subtitles: 


Do let me know if this language learning tool helped you as it did me !

This blog was brought to you by Alison, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz

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