Welcome to our new school!

Welcome to our new school!
04 June 2015

This post will be slightly different than the ones you might be used to. However, this post will be about a place in St Petersburg – our new school!

I thought it would be nice to have a closer look at our new school, and the neighbourhood.

Getting There:

Finding the new school is easy. Just between the restaurant “Kriek” and the State Theatre you’ll find a small alleyway decorated with portraits and classical music playing. This is the entrance to the courtyard around which the school is surrounded. The entrance to the courtyard is located on Italyanskaya / Итальянская 17. If you enter the ”Пассаж”-shopping centre on Nevsky, just take left when you exit on the other side. If you still can’t find the school, just head for “Две Палочки” – the alley is just on the opposite the restaurant.

In the courtyard just go through the revolving door with the big “Пассаж”-sign over it, greet the doorman with a ”Здравствуйте” and go upstairs. You have now successfully located the Liden & Denz centre in Saint Petersburg.

Nearest Metro: Gostiny Dvor / Гостиный Двор or Nevsky Prospekt / Невский Проспект.

Design and Layout:

Much thought has gone into the design of the school. The school, i.e. the classrooms and offices stretches along almost half the courtyard thus creating a half-circle formed layout.

The main entrance features our front desk and a lounge area with sofas and chairs. Also, our free to use iPads can be found here.

The layout of the school was created bearing in mind the need of good, natural light. This explains why the classrooms are placed next to each other, and not in one place. All our classrooms are located facing the courtyard, thus allowing natural light to enter through the window. The classroom wall facing the corridor is, as you can see in the gallery, made from glass. This serves two purposes since it allows light spread to the corridor as well as creating a more spacious feeling in the classroom itself. During the upcoming week the glass will be fitted with specially designed art-work in order to create more privacy without interfering with the light.

The Classrooms:

Our new school comes with two types of classrooms. Firstly, we have the standard size classrooms for groups up to 12 people. Secondly, we have the smaller size for private lessons. Regardless of type, the classrooms are equipped with LED-lighting – allowing for that good, smooth lighting that will be needed for the darker months of the year. Also, every classroom comes with a TV connected to our Wi-Fi. Needless to say, there’s a whiteboard in every classroom as well.

The chairs and tables have been specially designed for our classrooms. The tables are made to fit well into the classroom. The width of the table is somewhat slimmer than earlier, this is due to the fact that computers and smart-phones nowadays fulfill the tasks that big dictionaries and other books used to do earlier.

Every classroom is also equipped with sockets, thus allowing teachers and students alike to use their computers or charge their phones without having to search for an outlet.

Other facilities:

The neighborhood comes with a good range of places to eat and drink during brakes and after classes. Next to our school you’ll find the earlier mentioned Belgian Restaurant “Kriek”, across the street you’ll find “Две палочки” as well as the Italian-run “Little Italy”. Rest assured, the neighborhood will be the subject of coming posts.

In the school itself you’ll find a water-cooler, and two vending machines. One for coffee and other hot beverages and one for snacks and cold drinks. Bathrooms can be found in both parts of the school.

You can connect to our free to use student-Wi-Fi from anywhere in the school. And yes, I have personally checked if the courtyard is within range – it is!


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