Where to eat near the school

Where to eat near the school
22 June 2016

Our school in Saint Petersburg is right in the very center of the city, and is surrounded by countless cafés and restaurants. With so many options, it can be hard for students to choose where to have lunch, and one risks being disappointed, so I have made up a list of tried (by myself or by trusted informants) -and-true spots where to get a good meal, in order from cheapest to more expensive.


  1. Frikadel’ki

Just a short walk down Italyanskaya, towards Griboedova Canal, is Frikadel’ki. One of the better stolovaya’s in town, it’s cheap, fresh, and quite tasty. Here they serve some of the more typical Russian fare, such as borsch, “Russian salads,” and seasonal dishes, and it is of significantly higher quality than most other stolovaya.


  1. Shtolle on Sadovaya

One of my personal favorites, Shtolle is a widespread chain specializing in pirogi. They are delicious, and not expensive, and come with a wide variety of sweet and savory fillings. The menu also includes salads and soups, as well as other typical Russian specialties. Shtolle is traditional and classy – it is always quiet, with jazz playing in the background, and there is no wifi. It is a place many older people go to, and it seems perhaps to be increasingly less popular; this is a shame, because believe me, the pirogi are amazing. Tip: bringing a big pie from Shtolle to a party will win you lots of appreciation.


  1. Jack & Chan

This hipsterish, Asian fusion restaurant is moderately priced and quite tasty, though it depends on the dish you order. For instance, I was underwhelmed by the pad thai, not coincidentally one of their cheapest and fastest menu items. That aside, there’s a nice, informal atmosphere, cool music, 20% discount at lunchtime and daily specials at 150 rubles.


  1. Dve Palochki

A student favorite, this chain of restaurants specializes in sushi and is right in front of the school entrance. It’s especially nice in the summer, when they open a large terrace. Business lunches cost around 270 rubles, and consist of set menus which arrive within minutes. Insider tip: avoid the soups.


  1. Pirogi Na Fontanke

Across the Anichkov bridge, Pirogi na Fontanke is a bar, but the food is also good, cheap, and 24/7. I particularly appreciated the fact that they go light with salt (leaving it up to you to add it). They have traditional Russian dishes like pelmeni and, of course, pirogi, but also a variety of European and American food.


  1. Little Italy

A good place to get an honest plate of pasta, cooked right (aldente!), good coffee, authentic desserts, and the pizza isn’t bad either – and this is coming from someone raised in Italy. Unfortunately they don’t do lunch specials though. On Friday evenings they have live music.

  1. Cocabar

This place is usually quite crowded, so it’s better to reserve a little in advance to avoid disappointment. Cocabar serves Italian food in a hip, stylish setting. Business lunch starting from 250 rubles.


  1. Xinkalnya na Neve

Georgian restaurants abound in Saint Petersburg, and can always be expected to serve good food. This restaurant, however, claims itself “one of the best” in the city, and judging by the ratings, they live up to their boast. Specialty: Georgian dumplings (xinkali).


  1. Baku

A little on the pricier side, and perhaps better suited for dinner, this popular Azerbaijani restaurant offers a wide variety of Russian and Central Asian specialties.


  1. Luce

Though I have not been here myself it looks like a good place to take visiting relatives – the view is stunning! Also, the lunch menu is very affordable, and the ratings are high. Give it a try and let us know!


Приятного аппетита!!

(This article is brought to you by Esther – intern and student at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg)

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