I will be back Saint Petersburg!

I will be back Saint Petersburg!
04 July 2014

Unfortunately it’s time to say good bye! I have been staying in Saint Petersburg since beginning of May and had an amazing time enjoying the city, meeting locals, diving into the Russian mentality and culture. But before leaving with a truly heavy heart, I want to share with you my favorite places and venues in this great city!

Places to visit

There are of course many others, but unfortunately we don’t have endless time. So if I need to pick, I will go for these:

  • Bridge opening (take a night boat trip)
  • Church of the Savior on Blood (very beautiful at night during white nights)
  • Hermitage and Palace Square
  • Russian Museum,
  • Peterhof (little bit outside the city)
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (take the stairs to the top)
  • Krestovsky Ostrov
  • Park Pobedy


Rainy days

  • Museums and theaters!!
  • Galeria- галерея (shopping mall)
  • Mazapark (bowling, etc)



Russian food
try the vareniki with cherry and sour cream for dessert

elegant and nice view, rather expensive
visit Kazan Cathedral and end up here for drinks and/or meal

elegant and nice atmosphere, rather expensive
visit the Church of the Savior on Blood and end up here for “Borsch” (tasty and not expensive)

IL Патио – Il Pato
Italian food and Sushi, rather cheap (pizza and glass of house red wine for under 10€)

Dve palochki – Две палочки
Different kinds of food (asian, italian, american, etc.)

Nice Cuban restaurant with live music in the evening,
try the rum assortments

Bars / Clubs

You will never (or very rarely) have to show your ID at the door. However the bouncers will proceed with a procedure which is known as the “face control”. They will look at you and decide whether they like you or not, that’s it. But it’s not only about the face, clothes matter as well. To make your life easier, simply take some effort. I really like my converse allstars as well, but leave them for the day :-). Here some nice venues.


  • Barrel
  • Paradise
  • Sydney Beach Club
  • Moed
  • Buddha Bar
  • Evo Music Bar
  • Soul Kitchen


  • Lomonosov
  • Fidel


Have fun enjoying Saint Petersburg! пока пока

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