Yoga in St. Petersburg

Yoga in St. Petersburg
22 August 2016

As a Liden & Denz student,  you’re here to stretch yourself…

And when all that studying and sighseeing takes its toll, what better way to unwind then with the perfect yoga class?

Ever since arriving in Russia I’ve been searching for a good yoga studio, and after a few dodgy classes with very, ahem, ‘local’ teachers, I was delighted to finally find Сфера Центр Йоги (Sphere Yoga Centre, Metro Gorkovskaya, Aleksandrovskii Park, 4/3, first floor).

Whether you’re an experienced yogi with an array of lululemon atire, or brand new to the sport, Yoga Sphere has a class for you. Their impressivly diverse schedule includes daily classes in the morning, afternoon and evening for practitioners of all levels and all ages.

Thier teachers are professionals of different styles with many years of experience, which means that they offer an astonishingly varied range of different types of yoga. As well as your standard, Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Pilates and Vinyasa classes, they have a huge selection of styles which – I confess – I had never even heard of before in all my years of practice. These include Kundalini, Sivananda, Support Yoga, Aeroyoga hammocks, Ishvara and other specialized classes such as yoga for children and yoga for pregnant women, Chinese practices including Tai Chi and Qigong practice for women (such as the Mandala Dance). For those of you who are really advanced in your practice, you can even book private lessons , seminars on training and unique classes which the website enigmatically describes as ‘for enthusiastic practitioners to improve the quality of life’.

But please don’t be put off if you don’t know your savasana from your trikonasana; accessibility is a big part of Yoga Sphere’s teaching approach. Whilst they seek to provide suitable teaching for the very experienced, they also schedule classes for absolute beginners and those with limited mobility. To this end, they have special classes for the elderly, yoga for children or joint activities for children and parents in family yoga classes, each designed so that visitors of all ages are able to choose an appropriate exercise and gradually master ther chosen technique

Describing themselves as a ‘harmonious creative space open to traditional and modern methods of self-improvement and development’, Yoga Sphere are firmly motivated by the philosophy that yoga is muh more than just calisthetics, but a positive force for mental and emotional stability and wellbeing. Signing up is easy, they have a convenient system of subscriptions. You don’t even have to register however, drop-in classes are always available every day as well, so you can just show up and stretch…

Namaste x


This blog was brought to you by Kamila, student and intern at Liden and Denz, St. Petersburg

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