“Велобульвар” – new urban tradition !

“Велобульвар” –  new urban tradition !
15 May 2014

The warm weather arrives and with it the outdoor activities! If you’re a little sporty, or you enjoy bike rides, the roller or skating (anything that rolls without engines!) Come and join this Sunday, May 18 at “Velobulevar”. The goal? To Celebrate and promote the culture of cycling and an healthy and sporty life!

The streets where the event will take place close to vehicular traffic! A good way to re-discover the streets of Moscow.

The program features several events, different competitions, demonstrations, thematic conferences, exhibitions, concerts, games, a “bike flashmob” and more to discover!

So no matter if you come for the competition, for the pleasure of biking or simply a stroll, the essential thing is to  have fun and see Moscow differently.

Meeting location: Theatre Square Central University of the Russian army, Suvorov Square, 2.

Duration: de 12:00 à 20:00

Check out its website for further information : http://velobulvar.ru


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