Russian Honey, How Sweet is it in Moscow?

Russian Honey, How Sweet is it in Moscow?
27 August 2015

Since the 7th of August, over 1000 tonnes of Russian honey has descended on Kolomenskoye. No, it hasn’t been raining honey in Moscow. The famous white stone churches of Kolomenskoye currently stand in the shadow of a sweet sea of yellow and orange: the biannual honey festival has returned to Moscow.

Organised by the National Beekeepers’ Association, 350 beekeepers from 47 Russian regions, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have brought their honey-based products to Moscow, selling them at producer prices. Visitors to the festival are able to try rare varieties of honey, including camel-thorn, heather, coriander, lavender, blackberry and taiga honey.

The Pollen Plan – a revolutionary and natural diet

The honey festival offers visitors the chance to purchase rare and wonderful products that you won’t be able to find at your local market. It’s possible to buy pollen, (although I would not recommend this for hayfever sufferers!) Pollen contains a huge amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, and apparently can be used to treat some diseases. People struggling to keep to their diet plan will be interested to know that pollen has been known to help with weight loss. After taking the course of pollen, you’ll feel as light as a bee when you stand on the scales.

Anti-beeotic qualities

Worried about anti-biotic resistance? Even if you haven’t given it much thought, bees produce propolis, a natural anti-biotic, or anti-beeotic if you’ll excuse my pun. Propolis has no known side-effects, kills pathogens and strengthens the immune system. It’s no wonder that bee products were used in Russia for hundreds of centuries for its medicinal properties.

Feel like a Queen Bee

It seems that the major attraction of the festival is “royal jelly”. “Royal jelly” sits on a throne over other honey-based products due to its rejuvenating properties and the fact it can help to restore metabolism. Did you know that the queen bee lives ten times longer than your average working bee because it feeds on “royal jelly”? Who needs the latest anti-wrinkle creams when you can feast on royal jelly like a queen bee, and hopefully look ten years younger as a result!

Want to see what the buzz is all about? Fly over to Kolomenskoye before the 18th of October to discover for yourself.

The fair is open from 09.00-20.00 daily. Find out more at

This post was brought to you by Grace, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz

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