«Опера – всем» in Saint Petersburg

«Опера – всем» in Saint Petersburg
10 July 2015

The cultural capital will host the IV International Festival «Опера – всем» (Opera-vsem), “Opera for All”. Starting from Sunday 12, four unique evenings will take place in Saint Petersburg: the city invited soloists and musicians from all Russia and Europe to play together in an open air opera productions. The shows will be set against the natural and architectural background of Saint Petersburg. The festival is organized by Театр «Мюзик-Холл» (Teatr “Music Hall”) and the entrance to all the performances is free.

Fabio Mastrangelo, Sergei Stadler are the conductors of the International festival which opens on July 12 with a concert dedicated to Tchaikovsky’s Мазепа (Mazepa) on Соборная площадь (Sobornаya Square) in Петропавловская крепость (Petropavlovskaya Fortress). The concert starts at 18:00 and wll be performed by the Orchestra of the theater “Music Hall” “Northern Sinfonietta” conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo.

On July 15 Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turnadot will be performed in the Music Hall by Chamber Choir of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society conducted by Sergey Stadle. The performance starts at 19:00 in Alexandrovsky Park, in front of the theatre.

The Festival will move to the borders of the city on July 18. The parade grounds of Catherine’s Palace in Царское Село (Tsarkoye Selo) will hold Mozart’s famous opera Don Juan that. The event starts at 17:00 and the concert will be played by Orchestra of the theater “Music Hall” “Northern Sinfonietta”.

The festival will close with Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love in ЦПКиО им. С.М. Кирова (Елагин остров), the Central Park on Yelagin Island on July 22. It will be performed by Orchestra of the theater “Music Hall” “Northern Sinfonietta” and conducted by Marco Pace.

This project aim to promote the opera concerts to a wider audience and the international exchange. Besides the fact that this event is free, the most interesting thing is that the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy open air opera concerts against the stunning backdrop of Saint Petersburg!

Photo by Carlo Alberto Cazzuffi / CC BY

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