До скорого любимый Питер!

26 September 2014

The last two months I lived and studied in the most beautiful city in the world and I am really thankful for this great opportunity! My time here was so rich in emotions, I can’t realize that two months are already over and that I am back in Germany in 3 days. I just came here, didn’t I? At least there is one good thing about leaving: it’s getting really could and unfortunately I didn’t bring any winter clothes with me.

My first day of school was full of new impressions: a school full of students from all over the world, the Russian language with its глаголы движение (verbs of motion) and падежы (cases), and a new working area. But I quickly began to love this place! Every morning I took the metro to school and made my way through crowds of scowling Russians with a smile on my face. I enjoyed every hour of my lessons learning this wonderful language! Without the help of my teachers I wouldn’t have made such remarkable progress! So I would like to thank Lilia, Dascha and Zlata for being so patient, especially when it came to my own use of the cases, as well as for the excellent way of teaching!

Additionally, I am happy that I chose the combination of work and study. As social media content assistant I discovered new events in the three locations of Liden & Denz, learned about Russian culture and wrote articles about it. I really appreciated that I could work independently and suggest changes concerning the social media strategy. Thanks to my former supervisor Alexandra, who led me through the first half of my stay and to my current supervisor Olga! It was a pleasure to work with both of you!

Four years ago I visited St. Petersburg for the first time and I can say now I fell in love with this city even more! It turned into a second home for me and I am sure that I will come back to enjoy this sense of life! For me, St. Petersburg is the most beautiful and most exciting city of the world!

One last advice: If you’re coming to Russia, be open-minded to this wonderful culture and try to speak Russian as often you can! Use your time, try to see as much as possible (especially some other cities), but most importantly: enjoy your stay!

Пока пока!

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