ПирО.Г.И.- It’s always time to eat!

ПирО.Г.И.- It’s always time to eat!
14 March 2015

Saint Petersburg as Moscow, is a city that never sleeps. Продукты (producty), кафе (café)and столовые (stolovie) are usually open 24/7, so that it’s never too early or too late to eat! If you visit Saint Petersburg it will seem to you that you don’t need to follow a specific timetable to live. The majority of shops are opened at least till 10.00 pm and продукты and столовые sell food at any time of the day.

If you want to enjoy the city 24 hours a day and you are always up for eating, then you should try “ПирО.Г.И.” (PirO.G.I). It’s a really easy-going café-club in Фонтанка (Fontanka), very popular among the students in Saint Petersburg. The café-club is located in the basement as many café of this kind in Saint Petersburg. The interior design is simple but comfortable, and the walls are decorated with Russian art nouveaux floral motifs and facing bricks. The two main rooms are divided by a low and thick arch that create a certain underground atmosphere, but the bright colours of the walls and the simple furniture reshape the perspective of the space enlightening the ambience. The staff is Russian but the youngest waiters sound almost American in their appearance and gesture. It is probably this mixture of Russian and westernized youth culture that give this easy-going and pleasantly weird feeling that appeal to youngsters and its frequent visitors.

ПирО.Г.И. is open 24 hours a day, seven day a week and offers free Wi-Fi, several board games and music events especially in the weekend. It’s really in the city centre close to night clubs so it’s a really good place to have a pre or post party night or just spend time with good friends. Here you can have breakfast and business lunch all day long. The average price is 165-199 RUB for lunch that includes the daily special or a пирог and drinks. Breakfast is about 100-160 RUB and you can have mainly каша (kasha), яичница (yachnitsa) or a filled омлет (olmet) with side dish, сырники or oладьи со сметаной (syrniki oladi so smetanoi), and the drinks are included. Besides you can have salads, meat and fish dishes, pasta, soups, desserts and of course pirogi! The teas are really nice, I suggest you try the tea blend with ginger! Then if you simply feel more like drinking you can have an appetizer with a beer or choose a cocktail from the great variety of drinks on the menu!

So next time you are wandering around St. Petersburg city centre, stop for a while and pay a visit to ПирО.Г.И. at any time!

ПирО.Г.И. is located in Набережная Фонтанки (Naberezhnaya Fontanki), 40



Written by: Jessica Carrettiero

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