Goodbye Liden & Denz

Goodbye Liden & Denz
22 November 2019

These months at Liden & Denz as an intern and student have been simply amazing. Let alone the fact that this place gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people from all around the world, it also enabled me to significantly improve my Russian, which was my original goal.

The lessons are well structured: mornings are usually spent dealing with Russian grammar and conversation, enabling students to work on every part of the language, both written and oral. The level of the classes definitely suited me: revising previous tough grammar topics made them more solid, while working on new vocabulary and oral conversation made my Russian more fluent than it has never been before.

Working here as an intern has been really helpful as well: I’ve got familiar with tools such as Excel and WordPress – which is a must when it comes to writing for the web – but most of all I have improved my translation and creative skills. Coming out with two articles every week has been a real blast for me: looking for news, information and coming up with new ideas made me realize that I want creative writing to be part of my future career.

I’d like to thank you my wonderful teachers Lyubov and Zlata for being so helpful, professional and for always being there for our doubts and requests. Thank you also to Anastasia, who taught me a lot during my internship and whom I really look up to.

Thank you Liden & Denz, we will definitely see each other again!


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