Ready for 5 iconic Russian films from the 90’s?!

04 September 2013

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russian cinema developed and many films produced in the 90’s show this evolution. Movies dealt with problems such as the new-born relationships between Russia and Western countries. Here is a top 5 of movies from the 90’s.

1) East/West (Восток Запад)

Vostok Zapad is a collaborative project between France and Russia, something unthinkable before the 90’s. The film tells the story of a Russian-French family that after the Second World War decides to move to Russia. However, they have to face hard times in Russia, and they try to escape from the Soviet nets.

2) Peculiarities of the National Hunt (Особенности Национальной Охоты)

Osobennosty Natsionalnoy Okhoty is one of the most famous Russian comedies directed by Alexandr Rogozhkin. It was a smash hit at the box-office in 1995. The film is about a young Finn who wants to know more about Russian manners and traditions. Because of that, he takes part in a Russian hunt. However, the hunt turns quickly into a rush of drinking and funny adventures.

3) The Thief (Вор)

Vor is a 1997 Russian film directed by Pavel Chukrai. It received critical acclaim and was nominated for an Academy Award. The plot is about a young woman, Katya, and her son who meet in 1946 a Soviet officer named Tolyan. Tolyan, who turns out to be a professional serial killer, develops an ambiguous relationship with Katya. He also becomes a sort of father figure to her son. However, the criminal will keep an air of mystery until the end of the film.

4) The Barber of Siberia (Сибирский Цирюльник)

Sibirskiy Tsiryulnik is a 1998 film directed by Nikita Mikhalkov and Michel Seydoux. The film tells the story of an American lady, Jane, who emigrates to Russia. She is caught in a love triangle with an opera lover and a powerful General. The two men become rivals, and the general will do anything in his power in order to defeat the other man.

5) Brother (Брат)

Brat is an iconic crime film directed by Alexei Balabanov and released in 1997. This hit-movie tells the story of two brothers, Danila and Viktor. Danila goes to his brother to start a new life in St. Petersburg. Viktor, a professional killer and gangster, introduced Danila to this criminal world. He will meet new people and fall in love with a girl, until he realizes that he is going the wrong way. The sequel was released in 2000, and it shows the two brothers going to America.

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