Assistant editor: St.Petersburg

27 April 2012

You will gain experience in utilizing a range of source materials and documents and  in providing grammatically, well expressed final versions of translated documents and articles. Main Duties:

  1. Working with text templates and drafts
  2. Formatting of translated text according to client’s requirements (official documents, tables, diagrams etc.)
  3. Proof reading and editing final translated documents and drafts
  4. Networking and making contacts


  • General requirements: Feeling for language, good computer skills, responsiveness, ability to meet the deadline and to work on a tight schedule. Native English, German or French language.
  • Russian language level and usage:  B1/В1+, good understanding of written Russian. Communication with Russian colleagues, receiving of tasks and reporting (both orally and in written),  translation from Russian to English/German/French
  • Working hours: part time, 3 hours / day, 2 -3 days / week
  • Minimum age: 22
  • Possible duration: 3 months – 1 year

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