Come with us to Jūrmala!

Come with us to Jūrmala!
21 September 2023

In the past few days, Riga has been experiencing summer-like days full of sun and high temperatures, inviting for a beach trip. Located on the coast, Riga is blessed with long, beautiful, sandy beaches perfect for weekend relaxation. So do not waste the last days of sun before autumn arrives and join us on a trip to the famous Jūrmala beach.

History of the beach

The popularity of Jūrmala dates to the late 18th and early 19th centuries when the tradition of relaxation at the seaside began. Wealthy landowners and Russian army officers came to Jūrmala with their families to enjoy the breathtaking nature and rest. Jūrmala soon became known as a famous spa destination, and its development peaked with the establishment of the Riga – Tukums railway in 1877. As such, Jūrmala was no longer accessible only to the rich; thus, the Jūrmala town turned into a vastly visited resort. Many also appreciated the sea breeze and mineral springs for their health, which led to the development of sanatoriums in the area. During the Soviet period, holidays at Jūrmala were given as a reward to the top officials. It is also known that Jūrmala was the favorite holiday destination of Communist Officials like Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Khrushchev. Despite its popularity, the area has not matched Riga’s development, and some buildings boasting stunning architecture have fallen into despair. Nowadays, the beach no longer attracts locals for convalescent stays but rather for one-day trips.

How to get to the beach

The accessibility of the beach is arguably one of its greatest advantages. Jūrmala is located only 25 kilometers west of Riga and, as already mentioned, is reachable by train. Since Riga’s Central Station is very close to Liden & Denz, you might jump on the train after your class as the journey to Jūrmala takes only around half an hour. The tickets are also extremely cheap as one will cost you only 1,50 €, which you can buy on this website. We recommend getting off the train at the stop at Majori or Dubulti as it also gives you a chance to explore the town. Once you are at Jūrmala, you no longer have to worry about transportation, as the area is comfortably walkable.

What to do at Jūrmala

So if you decide to visit the beach on a sunny day, you probably want to take a swim or relax on the beach. However, if you seek more active relaxation, Jūrmala also has lots to offer. Are you looking for a spot to engage in sports? The area near the Majori train stop is very well equipped for sports like volleyball or football, with a bar right next to it. If sport is not your thing, do not worry; you can enjoy a lovely walk along the seaside with multiple cafes and restaurants around. You can also walk up to the area called Dzintari, where you can conquer the observation tower offering a picturesque view of Jūrmala.

Have fun exploring Jūrmala, and do not forget to wear sunscreen because even in the Baltics, the sun is burning!



This blog was brought to you by Anna, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz in Riga

The images were taken by Anna in Jūrmala

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