Concert Highlights in Saint Petersburg

Concert Highlights in Saint Petersburg
13 May 2014

Saint Petersburg is not only a beautiful city, it also offers a lot of entertainment. So find a seat and breathe deeply, here come some concert highlights Saint Petersburg has to offer in the next few weeks.

All set? So let me start with one of the current brightest shining stars in the pop music sky. Not only did he manage to recently record a duet with Michael Jackson(!), but also rocks on the movie screen. Currently touring the world with his “20/20 Experience” tour, Justin Timberlake is paying SPB a visit, for the first time – finally! He will perform on the 15th of May at the “SKK”. And the good news…there are still tickets available starting from 3000 R till 15000 R.

Moving on from a one man show to a band which has already existed for over 40 years and sold over 150 million albums, Aerosmith are coming to town, performing on the 27th of May at the “SKK”. Tickets can be bought at a price range starting from 1200 R till 10000 R.

Well that was May, but June kicks in with another highlight. SPB is hosting one of the most famous bands in the world! With the Grammy Award winning songs “Crawling” and “Numb/Encore” they made a big name for themselves in the music industry and have already been selling albums and singles all over the world  for more than a decade. Linkin Parkwill perform on the 1st of June in the Petrovsky Stadium. Don’t miss out on that one! Tickets are available for 3000 R general admission and in the “FAN Zone” for 6000 R.

And for all lovers of electronical music, St. Petersburg also has something for you: SENSATION into the Wild. Rings a bell? Right, it’s that huge party/show event where everybody dressed in white enjoys the beats of international top DJs and of course an amazing show. So get your tickets and come to “SKK” on the 7th of June – dressed in white!

Concert Highlights at a Glance
May 15 – Justin Timberlake – SKK
May 27 – Aerosmith – SKK
June 1 – Linkin Park – Petrovsky Stadium
June 7 – SENSATION into the Wild – SKK

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