CONTEST: Win a Free Course At Liden & Denz!

CONTEST: Win a Free Course At Liden & Denz!
15 September 2017

Share your love for Russian and win a free course at Liden & Denz!

Contest conditions


The author of the most original and interesting comment will win:
  • a completely free 2-week standard group course of Russian in our campuses in St.Petersburg or Moscow;
  • accommodation in host family (BB) or shared flat for the time of the course.
Contest will run until September, 30. Don’t miss a chance to win an amazing experience of learning Russian in Russia with Liden & Denz!
The course must be completed by the winner before May 20, 2018.

One response to “CONTEST: Win a Free Course At Liden & Denz!”

  1. Andreas Weiland says:

    Why do I learn Russian? I want to get to know the Russian Culture, travel in Russia (Transirian train), able to talk to people and discover a slavic language!!

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