Context-Based Approach for Learning Languages

Context-Based Approach for Learning Languages
08 July 2014

The web and mobile phone app offers the possibility to learn different kind of languages including Russian using a context-based approach.

You can add your own words or predefined word-packages (different difficulty levels) to your account. Based on these words the app is looking for articles on the web and provides them to you. This gives you the possibility to learn the words in a context and helps you to find even more words, which you would like to add to your vocabulary. The articles will be categorized, so that you can choose articles related to topics of your interest, for example sports.

The context-based approach will help you to understand and learn how to use all these words appropriately. Moreover the app provides a quiz functionality, which is again based on you added words. The quiz functionality can be used as a feedback, whether you have learned the added words or not. In addition there is an extension for the web browser Chrome, which gives you the possibility to add words, from every web page you are browsing.

I believe this app can definitely help you to improve your vocabulary and it is much more fun reading about a topic you are interested in while learning words.

The drawback might be, that the app requires internet connection to be working, so no offline reading and quizzing possible.

The web application and Android app is already launched, the iPhone app will be released shortly:
Web Application
Android – Google Play Store
Apelle – App Store

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