Cultural Program

Cultural Program
14 January 2016

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you on behalf our school, for those who are arriving or whether you are coming back from holidays and will stay longer, happy new year! (С Новым Годом, с новым счастьем!!!)

I want to draw your attention to the school’s cultural program, because this weeks I just checked that there are really good activities, nevertheless they are repeated twice per month, this way you have more chances to choose a date that fits in your plans.

The first day on school after class, the school offers you a city tour guided by one of the school teachers, this is a great experience because you will have a good explanation (mostly in English) of certain places in the downtown, you can get to know your classmates better, make new friendships and visualize the sorroundings and this will help you when you want to explore on your own.

The activities I recommend the most are the Walking city tour, Matrioska doll painting class, Russian cuisine master class, the Romanov, movie night and the Vodka party. These last too are activities taking part at the school at 5 pm ussually on thursdays and Fridays to socialize with the teachers, other students with different Russian proficiency level that will help to strength your skills.

When you approach to the reception desk, you will notice the tour lists, write your name if you want to participate, some of them have a cost that you can pay with credit or debit card.

Have a nice week!

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