Divo Ostrov amusement park

30 August 2013

Divo Ostrov (Диво Остров) is an amusement park in St. Petersburg. It has nothing to envy to amusement parks in Europe or America. Some of its attractions are among the best (and riskiest) attractions in the world. However, there are also more classic attractions that are less risky: bumper car, carousels, and a panoramic wheel with a great view of the city. For the sci-fi lovers, the park offers also a “Star Wars”-themed interactive game that will leave you ecstatic with its special effects.

Divo Ostrov is also a perfect place where you can spend the last days of summer. The location is divided into different thematic zones, each one with a different style. You will find baba yaga huts, squirrels and rare species of birds. While the weather is still good, you will also be able to lay on the grass near a beautiful lake.

Divo Ostrov is located just opposite Krestovsky Ostrov (Крестовский Остров) metro station. Be sure to visit it, and to try its great and exciting attractions.

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