Exploring the delta of St. Petersburg

08 August 2013

The temperatures are soaring in the Capital of the North this week, so continuing on our quest to find the best places for enjoying summer in the city, we present to you Elagin Island (Елагин Остров). The river Neva (Нева) isn’t the cleanest but you may even spot a few fish in the clear waters surrounding the island. Here it is possible to visit the former summer residence of Empress Maria Feodorovna. This impressive palace was constructed by Italian architect Carlo Rossi in the 19th century, but nowadays contains an informative museum of decorative art and interior design. The park is also home to hundreds of resident squirrels who are in fact super friendly! You can buy small packs of nuts to feed them with when strolling through the woodland areas of the park.

Visitors of all ages love coming to Elagin Island. Elderly couples waltz to the traditional military band while children paddle in the shallow gulf waters. There are plenty of activities on offer such as roller-skating, cycling, horse-riding, volleyball and cultural festivals, as well as regular boat tours along the river. Row your friends across one of the ponds in the centre of the island or simply sunbathe on the grassy banks while watching the boats and jetskis from Krestovsky Yacht Club (Яхт-клуб Крестовкий) whiz by. Watersports are popular here so you can also join in by renting out a boat or catamaran.

The fact that it is possible to reach Elagin Island from all directions makes it the perfect location to relax on a hot day. The island is accessible on foot from metro stations Staraya Derevnya, Krestovsky Ostrov, and Chernaya Rechka. Autumn isn’t far away now – we suggest you make the most of the good weather while it lasts by taking a trip here!

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