30 October 2013

Today, I’m going to review another great and totally free app that you can use at home, school or when you’re standing in line or on the metro. The app is called Flashcardlet, and is basically a digital set of flashcards for your Smartphone or mobile device. Its simplicity is its greatest advantage.

To use it, you simply make an account with the Brainscape website (on your mobile device), then create a new flashcard library and add your flashcards. There is a front and backside to each card, which you can edit at anytime.

Once you are finished creating your cards, you can begin studying and memorizing your vocabulary, grammar or whatever you decide. Before each study session, you can mix up your cards or alphabetize their order. Then, just swipe your finger across your screen to go to the next card, or double tap the screen to go back one card. To see the backside of the card, just tap once. After you feel that you have mastered a particular card or have had particular trouble with one, you can mark or “star” it for later. And, it’s as simple as that!

This app is great because it allows you study vocabulary during idle times, but without the inconvenience of having to carry around a bunch of individual flashcards in your pocket.  I strongly recommend this app for anyone who is studying just about anything and wants to do it as efficiently as possible!

Advantages: Free, simple, flexible

Disadvantages: none

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